event details

Elephant Talk's 10th Annual Music Awards
Saturday, January 12 2013

Venue Info:
Le Grand Fromage
25 Gordon's Alley
Atlantic City, NJ

Phone: (609) 347-2743

Note: The fine folks at Elephant Talk have named us as a top 3 indie band of 2012, and they've invited us to play at their 10th annual music awards in Atlantic City. The show will be at Le Grand Fromage, a venue we played at for the first time a few months back. It is an 18+ show, and there is a bar where you may purchase alcoholic beverages to your fancy. This will be our first event of 2013. Happy new Year. Today we finished a new song and can't wait for it to be heard for the first time by people that aren't us. Minimalism Cheers.