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Presenting: The Sleepwalkers
Friday, May 23 2014

Venue Info:
Revolutionary Lounge
1776 Hooper Ave
Toms River, NJ

Note: Life is full of connections. One of our friends connected us to a band from Milwaukee, WI, called the Sleepwalkers. They are one of their first tours and are coming through to our beautiful Toms River town. So we are connecting them to you via an awesome Memorial Day weekend Kick-off at Rev Lounge. They are building a stage for bands to elevate them to new heights, as well as expanding the deck space for ever increasing deck pleasure. Chris Rockwell is putting this thing together and we're sure he's going to add more awesome acts to the night, so when we know- you know. You know.. Listen to The Sleepwalkers! http://thesleepwalkerswi.bandcamp.com/