Giant In Tow (Gold Rush EP)
Giant In Tow (Gold Rush EP)
Single (2011)
Hunting for Gold. The ground shakes, bouncing pebbles effortlessly. A massive machine crashes down to the hot pavement and slides over a hundred meters before catching on fire. Men in reflective tape tuxedos run out to the bird-like machine and pour buckets of dust on the flames. Inches away from where the aircraft collided with land a Thyme Slug extends his eyeballs. Out of the enormous dustcloud and twisted metal, a slender Giant emerges. His beard is neatly trimmed, hair cut in a boyish fashion, and clothing immaculate. The Giant smiles a smile that is gigantic, "Almost killed a man once, but no worries, I'm still alive." He pushes the reflectors away in a hurry. "Why are you getting her dirty?" The reflectors stumble around on the floor muttering beeps and whistles in some robotic language. "Why are you guys laying down at a time like this? My machine is in ruins!" On the other side of the landing strip, a Glassman sifts through pebbles on the ground. He yells across, "Giant Creep, you see any gold over there?" The Giant looks around and smiles once more, this time the copper in his teeth glimmer slightly in the sunlight and all of the little green oxidation can be seen between each tooth, "What gold? Why are you dressed like a homosexual? All the gold is in the north I think. Are you a homosexual?" The Glassman is taken back. He has always dressed more than appropriately before he left his home in the swamp but it was merely because, "I'm just insecure." He struts over to the machine and inspects the damage thoroughly. "You're machine is not broken." The Giant stands up in protest, "It is ruined!" The Glassman holds out his hand revealing a piece of hardware that matches the color of the aircraft. "A slug handed me this nut." He closes his hand and screws the nut onto a bare threading. Within seconds the machine roars and stands on four mechanical legs. "Leon," the Glassman notes. The Giant rushes over to his machine, sobbing. "Yes, this is my Leon, I should have never put wings on it. I just wanted to fly you know? That feeling of flying, soaring, moving through life with no obstacle." The Glassman gazes into the bleak stare of the machine and the reflectors pick up their things and walk away as the Giant goes on, "I suppose that the only obstacle in life is facing the obstacles in life." The Leon roars and clanks, its engine furious with energy. "Glassman, let me give you a ride up north. I think there was some gold there once." The Glassman wipes sweat off of his clear, smooth forehead then climbs into the vehicle. As the mechanical beast pounces away into the asphault the Giant combs his hair with a copper comb, leaving green streaks with every drag. "Why do you want gold anyway?" "Well I am only intersted in finding it." "Can I have it when you find it?" "Sure, for what?" "My smile don't shine like it should."

Giant In Tow