New merch, shows, a riddle
Posted on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The "Goods"

We have a new t-shirt. It's basically our 1st real shirt, but technically our 2nd design. We are pretty smooth about pricing so the shirt is $15, but if you walked up to us with a $10 bill that you planned on buying food with, that'll do. $9 works too, but if you only have a $10- we definitely won't have change in that scenario. You might want to send your friend over to the table see if one of us has a spare dollar hanging out of our pants. Bingo. 

The shirt was designed by our long time friend and artist, Nico Lucido. He has one of the most extensive collections of personal art, but most of the time he ends up throwing them away. /s


The Dirty 

Word has is that we just bought a 16 channel audio interface. This is the device that will allow us to do a very special thing, not limited to but including recording the better part of our next album + way more. It milked us of every dollar we had saved, but we are planning to do something very special with it No matter who or where you are, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy it with us. That's all for now. Here's a riddle that if you solve it, you might find out what we are going to do in the coming months+years.


May 22nd - Wonder Bar 8pm

May 23rd - Revelutionary Lounge


Sand, twigs, fish, I do deliver.

I am a live, but not a liver

I carry dirt, and help you cry

If I do these things,  what am I?

email your answer to [email protected] if you get it right, we'll send you free music


See you next month. 



New merch, shows, a riddle
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