Moving Forward

      It is a new year, and we've begun this one busier than we've ever been. Every morning we wake with a new motivation to improve upon the efforts of yesterday. It is easy to set resolutions, but it's difficult to follow up on them for an entire year. I guess that's the point. If there was no challenge, no buildup, slow-boil, or gradual shift to something greater, there would be no way for people to know when they were really doing a great thing over time. 

      Last night, we played our second show in NY at The Delancey. This was followed up from our first gig earlier in the month at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. At this point, we really weren't looking for gigs outside of NJ for one reason, we lack an affordable method of transporting our bodies and equipment. But we decided to play these gigs because they were the first time that we were asked to play outside of the state, and we thought that represented something special. We look forward to coming back soon, but it's really tough to justify spending 100 dollars right off the bat to get to a show. Especially when we know that we aren't making any money that night. Here's the good news though. We will be coming back. Even though we didn't get paid, we had 7 people come see us (granted, the entire crowd was larger), and we were only 4 people away from making $5 on the show! It might seem like a joke, but it is actually something that excites us. If we could at least make back travel/food costs each night, we'd probably tour for a year. So for now. focusing on Jersey. We have some things upcoming, but if we can excite people out of town, we can do it in our own. 

      Some of our goals for the short term are finishing songs for our next release, integrating the use of electronics into the music, and introducing a fifth member into the band. More about that soon. 

Our debut "The Creep is Born" has been recieving general praise, and yesterday we found an album review that blog "Suds on Bleeker" wrote on us. We are happy it is getting some attention, but we are really more excited because we wrote the album over 2 years ago.

The new stuff is better, we promise. Expect a new song soon.