Listen to us and discover new music on Earbits Free Online Radio

Near the beginning of 2013, we were accepted to Earbits Radio. We have absolutely loved the service we've received, and we recommend it not only to musicians, but more importantly, to music fans. We use it too! They cater to independent musicians, and do an awesome job at that. On your way to work, at home, or when looking for new music, give it a try. You're guaranteed to find something you like, and it's usually guaranteed that you'll be hearing an artist that is new, exciting, and has a long career of music ahead of them 

Earbits is and will always be, free! When you like, share, or sign up for an artist's mailing list, you receive "Groovies" and you can use these points to listen to music on-demand from the artists you find and love on Earbits. We can not praise this enough. Music lovers finally have a way to help sustain independent music growth and satisfy their own tastes at the same time!

Try it out at Earbits Radio!